About Dr. Jheelam

Professional Experiences

Position Department Institution Duration Time Period
Consultant OBG The Vivekananda Hospital,Durgapur 9.12.13 Till continiuing. Period
Consultant OBG The mission hospital, Durgapur 15.04.2012 31.10.2013
Clinical assistant And Fellow under Dr. Kurian Joseph OBG Joseph nursing home,chennei 13.09.2011 15.3.2012
Assistant professor OBG DD Medical college,Chennei 7.04.201 to 31.08.11 4 month 23days
Assistant professor Gynae/Obst. The mission hospital, Durgapur 12.09.2009 to 12.10.2010 1 year
Registrar Gynae/Obst. Bombay Hospital 15.12.08 to 11.04.09 4months
Post-Graduate training for D.N.B. Gynae/Obst. Tata Main Hospital, Jamshedpur 01.08.05 to 02.08-08 3 years
Residential Medical Officer Jain-Hospital & Research Centre, Howrah, WB 1.07.04 to 30.6.05 15.12.08 to 11.04.09 12 Months
House Surgeon Gynae/Obst. Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata 28.08.03 to 22.11.03 3 months
House Surgeon Jain-Hospital & Research Centre, Howrah, WB Bankura Medical College Bankura,WB 15.02.03 to 14.08.03 6 Months
Emergency Medical Officer Emergency Medical Services Ramkrishna Mission Seva Pratisthan, Kolkata, WB 12.05.02 to 11.11.02 6 months
Internship Medical College & PHC Calcutta Medical College, Kolkata,WB 2nd Jan 2001 to 1st Jan. 2002 1 year
House Surgeon Gynae/Obst. Vivekananda hospital till June 2017 1 year
senior consultant Gynae/Obst. Health world hospital from 1/11/2017 1 year

Special Training:

»  Observership on gynacolgical oncology at TataMedical Centre under Dr.Jaydeep Bhoumik ,Kolkata ,2013

» Fellowship in Laparoscopic surgery under Dr. Kurian Joseph, Chennei

» Completed basic (module 1 &2) course on gynecological endoscopic surgery

» Under guidance of DR.DAS MAHAPATRA, Kolkata, West Bengal (13.3.10 to 24.3.10).

Presentation and Publication

» Unusual presentation of partial molar pregnancy, Annual Conference, TMH

» Paper- Tubal Ectopic pregnancy; laparotomy Vs laparoscopy, half yearly conference, TMH

» Paper-Programmed Labor, Half yearly conference, TMH

» Paper- Screening for diagnosis and management of gestational diabetes mellitus, JOGS bi annual conference, Jamshedpur.

» Paper presentation, YUVA FOGSI, East Zone, at North Bengal medical college and hospital.

» International Publication - REVIEW OF MYOMECTOMIES FOR FERTILITY" The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Research.

» National Publication - A Case of Severe Ovarian Hyper stimulation Syndrome, Indian Journal of clinical Biochemistry

» Paper -The outcome of very sick pregnant mother in a tertiary care hospital, FOGSI national conference ,Chennai, 2015

Professional Courses

» Workshop on COLPOSCOPY and Cervical pre-cancer. Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute, Kolkata.
»  Workshop on ADVANCED GYNAE ENDOSCOPY, Bengal OBG Soceity, Kolkata.
» Emergency Obstetrics –FOGSI ,Chennai 2015
» Emergency Obstetrics –FOGSI ,Chennai 2015

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